What’s up, thank you for stopping by, my name is Que, a professional mixing and mastering engineer with a studio located in London; I record, mix and master across any genre.


Please send me a demo of your track before placing an order 😊


Please send me all stems dry at -12db (please allow me headroom to mix) with no added effects - Unless you send the stem with no effects. You can send the stems all in a compressed .ZIP file on Fiverr, GoogleDrive or WeTransfer. (Please name all your stems properly - Lead, backings Adlibs, Double, Kick, Snare, M/S Recording or Beat etc), any panning, please label for example 'backing - left'. If you need assistance exporting your stems, please message me and I’ll be happy to help.

I will send .MP3 throughout and 24 bit .WAV for the final version! (Please ask if you’d like.AIFF)

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Please bear in mind the recording quality also has an overall impact on the mixed & mastered version of your song. If this is your first time working with me, please send me a message so we can go through your project.

I have been actively contributing to the music industry for over 10 years after joining Case Closed as their DJ. I have performed at numerous live events across the UK and United States, and equally collaboratively worked with a vast amount of people in and out of the music industry. I achieved a distinction star overall for studying music production and sound engineering (split over two years to achieve a diploma as a music practitioner - technology and an extended diploma in the creative music Industry) at the Access Creative College. Upon achieving this qualification I was offered a scholarship placement to study a BA (Hons) music production and sound engineering degree at Point Blank Music School, London, which I am currently studying towards.


With my extensive knowledge and experience my aim is to aid the label to provide a platform for independent artists and bands to publish and distribute their music with ease and assist with legal aspects of the music industry; including PRS, and PPL. While overseeing the artistic development and mentoring of my acts. I can support or be directly involved with the production, sound engineering, mixing and mastering of any given project. The artist will always have the option to collaborate autonomously or closely with me as they desire. In return, this will assist with building up a bigger more versatile portfolio.  

I have previously sound engineered, mixed and/or mastered tracks for:

+ Barbar Lucks World Citizen Folk Band

+ Bishop

+ Blacklisted MC

+ Cardenas Black

+ Case Closed


+ Enokh Xmortiz

+ DMC (of Run DMC)

+ Grim Smilezz

+ Jupt’d

+ Kurupt



+ Sketch

+ Skim Devito

+ Steven James

+ The LT Show

+ Trashzilla

+ The Demon SIKK

+ Peso

+ Will Gates

+ White Noise

+ Xander

+ Young Jay

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